Advokātu birojs, kas rūpējas par saviem klientiem

Merged TRINITI JUREX to provide a free assessment to COVID-19 affected companies in business disputes

The law firm TRINITI JUREX finalized the merger and has become one of the largest law firms in Lithuania and the Baltic States in terms of the number of practising lawyers, uniting more than 70 professional lawyers. TRINITI JUREX is growing into the largest dispute law firm in Lithuania, with 23 lawyers and assistant lawyers specialising in solving law disputes.

“We have successfully completed the merger and become one of the largest players in the market, we integrated teams and maintained a high standard of operations – we continue to respond to the needs of our clients, help them solve strategic business challenges, work in integrated teams in the three Baltic countries,” says Vilija Viešūnaitė, TRINITI JUREX managing partner.

Risk of business disputes increased

To celebrate the merger, TRINITI JUREX invites companies affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and involved in business disputes to conduct a free benefit-loss analysis of a potential legal dispute according to the first Dispute Success Index methodology developed by the firm.

The Dispute Success Index was presented by TRINITI JUREX this year. It allows for expert assessment of the probability of success of a legal dispute, litigation costs and other possible losses and risks. The firm’s lawyers who have accumulated years of experience in litigation also analyse alternative ways and means of solving a business dispute.

“Business success means our success. That is why we want to help companies that have faced business disputes due to the global COVID-19 pandemic which, as it happens in similar situations, led to an increase in the risk of legal disputes, with the chances of resolving them being slimmer. We hope that we can help companies to emerge from disputed situations professionally and successfully, stabilize their activities and ensure their further successful growth,” pointed out Jurgita Judickienė, TRINITI JUREX partner, head of the Dispute and Arbitration Practice Group.

She says that manufacturing, tourism, catering, health promotion, aviation and other businesses underwent a difficult period due to the lockdown and a decline in demand for their services. Companies are also expected to face big uncertainty in the coming months with the rise of the second wave of the pandemic.

“Currently, companies have to optimize and deal with the issues of downsizing, changing contracts, switching suppliers, solving shareholder disagreements, searching for new investors as well as to deal with other issues that often turn into disputes, especially if such options have not been addressed in advance in the contracts,” suggests Ms Judickienė.

Pandemic affected small and large companies

According to the State Tax Inspectorate, there are about 35 000 companies which have been most affected by the pandemic, including large companies.

“COVID-19 has affected all companies, regardless of their size. Often large factories, groups of companies with many shareholders, strict supply and lease agreements, face the most difficult disputes due to big losses,” says Ms Viešūnaitė.

The law firm will provide consultations not only to the companies listed by the State Tax Inspectorate as most affected by the pandemic. Non-listed companies will be asked to separately substantiate how the pandemic affected their business and contributed to the dispute.

TRINITI JUREX plans to offer cost-benefit analyses of potential litigation for companies free of charge until June 30 next year. If the pandemic continues and demand will be high the firm will consider the possibility of continuing such consultations.

The specialists of the firm will be able to perform up to five free “Dispute Success Index” assessments per month for companies affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and facing a business dispute. Preference will be given to pre-registered companies – registration will be done by filling a special form on the website (in Lithuanian):

Merger allowed for more competencies 

The law firms TRINITI and JUREX announced the planned merger in August and started operating as a single company in October. TRINITI JUREX unites nine partners in Lithuania: Laimonas Judickas, Vytautas Kalmatavičius, Aurelija Rutkauskaitė, Linas Sabaliauskas, Agnė Ustinovičienė, Deivis Valiulis, Agnė Varnelienė as well as Vilija Viešūnaitė and Jurgita Judickienė. In the Baltics, the TRINITI Group has a total of eighteen partners.

TRINITI JUREX groups of practising lawyers specialize in thirteen areas of business law: corporate, labour, public procurement, transportation and insurance, real estate and construction, intellectual property, data protection, energy and infrastructure, bankruptcy and restructuring, dispute and arbitration, criminal and administrative liability, banking and finance as well taxation.

Last year, TRINITI JUREX lawyers were the first in Lithuania to win the International Managing Intellectual Property Awards for the most significant intellectual property case of the year. The lawyers of the firm have been ranked by the international law directories as one of the most professional dispute lawyers in Lithuania for eight years in a row.

The firm’s lawyers have long-term experience working with startups, including Lithuania’s biggest success stories – Oberlo, TransferGo and Droplet Genomics. The firm’s clients include France’s Idex and Louis Vuitton, Germany’s Audi and Volkswagen, one of the largest retail chains in the Baltics, Rimi Baltic, as well as British American Tobacco, Vilniaus Baldai, and technology companies Global BOD Group and Light Conversion.

Starting joint activities, the entire TRINITI JUREX team settled in the business centre Plaza 31/1 in Vilnius Old Town.

TRINITI JUREX partners (from left): Aurelija Rutkauskaitė, Linas Sabaliauskas, Vilija Viešūnaitė, Vytautas Kalmatavičius, Deivis Valiulis, Agnė Varnelienė, Laimonas Judickas, Jurgita Judickienė, Agnė Ustinovičienė