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Our administrative law team advises public and private sector clients on a variety of matters arising from the drafting, development and interpretation as well as application of laws. We understand governmental processes and seek to ensure that our clients remain up to date and compliant with all new legislation. We assist those who interact with the government, and we also advise the government itself. We also seek to assure effective collaboration between the two based on law.

We have established a multidisciplinary practice advising individuals, companies and business groups, as well as public bodies. We also work closely with subject matter experts from our industry teams, particularly in highly regulated sectors such as energy, banking and health care.


TRINITI rapidly gets to the heart of the issue, providing realistic legal advice so that you can confidently navigate through the inquiry at hand or litigation. Our team handles complex litigation from start to finish, acting in proceedings before the administrative courts and various governmental and municipal authorities. Our clients also trust our in-depth knowledge and proven track record in high-profile constitutional court proceedings.

Our experience includes the following:

  • Successful representation of member group of the Parliament of Lithuania in the Constitutional court
  • Preparing the plan for reorganization of 3 public authorities into 1
  • Representing a pharma company in a dispute related to a medicine marketing license
  • Preparation of draft amendments to the legal framework for Data Centres and Information resources and accompanying documents
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‘TRINITI’s vibrant M&A outfit ensures that merger control is a pivotal feature of the competition practice. The compact operation provides expertise on both the contentious and advisory sides of competition law, and has a strong track record of advising large infrastructure clients’.

2021 Tier 1
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