Kamila Ratkevič

Senior Associate

Fields of practice

Kamila specialises in Corporate & Contract Law, Migration Law, Emplyoment Law and in Restoration of Citizenship.

Professional experience

Since 2019 – Senior Associate at TRINITI in Vilnius, Lithuania

2018 – 2019  – Lawyer at TRINITI in Vilnius, Lithuania

Before joining TRINITI, Kamila deepened her knowledge by working as a lawyer in a private sector.


In 2017, Kamila acquired a Master‘s degree in Civil Law at Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania.

Foreign languages

Kamila is fluent in Lithuanian, Polish and Russian languages. She also speaks English and has basic Spanish language skills.


Kamila is fond of singing, travelling, reading books and spending time with her family, dog and friends. Kamila also loves meditating and cooking.