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Kamila Ratkevič

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Kamila specialises in corporate, labour, migration and commercial law. She also drafts various business contracts, prepares legal analyses and represents clients in negotiations. In addition to the above-mentioned areas of expertise, Kamila is also interested in tax law.

Kamila started her legal career ten years ago in the private sector, then, after successfully completing her Master’s degree in Civil Law at Mykolas Romeris University, she joined TRINITI (later TRINITI JUREX) corporate, and then employment and litigation teams. Kamila has extensive experience in working not only with Lithuanian, but also foreign clients (throughout the EU and in third countries).


Kamila advises both natural and legal persons in Lithuanian, Russian, Polish and English on business start-ups, M&A, divestitures, changes of business form and reorganisations. She also advises on day-to-day corporate governance and employment law issues, prepares procedural documents, represents clients in court and in relations with other institutions in all practice areas.


Over the last few years Kamila has implemented several relocation processes for major multinational companies to Lithuania. In 2021, more than 700 company employees and their family members were relocated to Lithuania from the EU and third countries.

With an excellent knowledge of migration law, Kamila advises on a wide range of issues related to the legal status of foreigners in Lithuania. She also takes care of other issues related to the integration and employment of foreign nationals in Lithuanian companies.


Kamila also represents clients seeking to acquire, retain and restore Lithuanian citizenship.


Kamila also successfully organises and conducts seminars, conferences and individual trainings on business law topics: migration, labour and other areas of business law.


Kamila holds a Master’s degree in Civil Law from Mykolas Romeris University.

She is currently studying English Language and International Communication Studies.

Kamila also improves her legal knowledge by regularly attending various trainings, seminars and conferences.

Professional Memberships

Kamila is a member of the Lithuanian Bar Association.

The future in my specialty is

Despite the ever-changing economic, social and political situation in the world, my main goal and mission is to unravel the complicated legal intricacies in the areas of migration, corporate and labour law for every person and company coming to Lithuania and to help them overcome their daily challenges and facilitate their successful integration in Lithuania.

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