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Nekilnojamojo turto ir statybos teisė
23 spalio, 2020

TRINITI JUREX apgynė TERMOLINK reikalavimą, kad generalinis rangovas atsiskaitytų už papildomus darbus

Additional work in the construction sector is a very common situation. Unfortunately, it is not always resolved peacefully. We congratulate our client UAB TERMOLINK and the firm’s attorney at law Artūras Vaišvila and the team for achieving the victory. They managed to prove to the court that the general contractor must pay for additional works, the performance of which has been formalized by a unilateral act.

The court argued that it is the general contractor who takes the risk that all the necessary construction works will be included in the technical project and other construction normative documents. If it is established that the constructor has carried out works that were really necessary to achieve the right result, that the results of that work are being used, that no defects in the performance of those works have been proved, the general contractor shall pay for such works.