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TRINITI has been recognised for the third time in “The Legal 500 Green Guide“: EMEA 2024.

What is “The Global Green Guide”?

“The Global Green Guide”, produced by “The Legal 500”, is a comprehensive directory that highlights top law firms specializing in climate change, governance, and sustainability issues on a global scale. It identifies leading practices and standout professionals in each region, acknowledging their efforts in promoting environmentally friendly practices and adherence to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles.

TRINITI & The Legal 500 Green Guide“: EMEA 2024

The recent publication of ”The Legal500’s EMEA 2024 Green Guide“ marks TRINITI’s third recognition in a row as an ESG-focused firm, reaffirming our leadership in the Baltic region’s ESG practice. This acknowledgment not only underscores our commitment to sustainability but also highlights our dedication to supporting the green transition.

In the quest for a greener, more sustainable future, the legal sector plays a pivotal role in facilitating the transition towards clean energy and environmentally friendly practices. TRINITI, a full-service law firm with branches in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, stands at the forefront of this movement, offering expert counsel and guidance to companies navigating the complex landscape of renewable energy initiatives.

With a dedicated Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) team, TRINITI is spearheading efforts to drive forward the development of clean energy sectors and green industries in the Baltic region.

Highlights from “Green Guide 2024” report 

TRINITI Estonia:

  • Advises leading companies, including “Utilitas”, on complex transactions and corporate matters supporting the development of clean energy sectors;
  • Facilitated the restatement of “Utilitas” €367 million facilities agreement, aiding in the creation of a €300 million joint venture with the City of Tallinn to operate district heating services;
  • Contributed to “Utilitas” ambitious program, worth up to €8 billion, focusing on the acquisition and development of large-scale wind farms;
  • Demonstrates commitment to sustainability internally, with initiatives like charity activities aimed at planting trees and cleaning rivers;
  • Pursuing Green Office certification, with operational policies aimed at energy-saving practices and sustainable procurement.


  • Advises “Utilitas Wind” on the delivery of a 120 MW wind farm and a 400 MW hybrid wind and solar plant, contributing to the local renewable energy market;
  • Provides legal support to green energy company “Pažangi energija” in the planning and construction of an advanced biofuel facility, aiding the transition away from petroleum products;
  • Assists leading real estate developer “HOMA” in the development of a 200 MW solar facility and a 400 MW wind farm portfolio;
  • Actively engages in knowledge-sharing and advocacy for sustainability through memberships in alliances and hosting ESG forums;
  • Committed to achieving net-zero emissions, with a sustainability strategy aimed at minimizing operational carbon footprint and promoting green energy usage.

TRINITI’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and renewable energy initiatives underscores its dedication to driving positive change in the Baltic region. With a robust team of legal experts and a proactive approach to environmental responsibility, TRINITI continues to pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future.

To discover how our dedicated team can assist you in advancing your ESG initiatives, we invite you to explore our ESG page or connect directly with Karolina Laurynaitė, our Head of the ESG Department.

Your journey towards sustainability could begin with us.