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July 10, 2023

TRINITI JUREX Advised and Represented “Pažangi Energija” in Advanced Biofuel Plant Project Development

TRINITI JUREX advised and represented the interests of the developer, UAB “Pažangi energija” in the development of the advanced biofuel plant project in Siauliai district, Lithuania. The project aimed to construct a state-of-the-art biofuel plant utilizing various biodegradable wastes and products, including animal manure, green waste, and energy crops. The total investment in the advanced biofuels line amounted to more than €6 million.

Our dedicated legal team provided comprehensive legal advice and representation throughout the project. We assisted with matters related to construction, Environmental Impact Assessment, and legal relations with state and municipal institutions. Our role included coordinating various issues associated with project development.

The establishment of the advanced biofuel plant was a significant and environmentally friendly initiative. At the time, Lithuania did not have any biofuel plants of this nature, making this project groundbreaking for the country. By utilizing sustainable feedstock sources and reducing waste, the plant aimed to contribute to a greener and more sustainable energy sector.