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July 10, 2023

TRINITI JUREX Successfully Advises and Represents Client in Environmental Impact Assessment Dispute for “Mykolas Lietuvis” Street Construction

TRINITI JUREX’s Real Estate team successfully advised and represented a group of natural persons belonging to the association “Visorių slėnio gyventojų bendruomenė” in the environmental impact assessment process for the planned construction of the Mykolas Lietuvis street, a key thoroughfare in Vilnius. This project holds strategic importance for the Municipal Government Administration of the City of Vilnius, as it is a crucial component of the city’s western bypass.

Our Real Estate team demonstrated that the decision of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to approve the environmental impact assessment for the “Mykolas Lietuvis” street was unreasonable. This was primarily due to the use of incorrect initial data concerning traffic flow on the street during the assessment. Consequently, the EPA’s decision was successfully annulled, necessitating the Municipal Government Administration of the City of Vilnius to conduct a new environmental impact assessment for the street’s construction.

In addition, TRINITI JUREX is currently providing consultancy and representation to challenge the Municipal Government Administration’s decision to approve the detailed plan for the “Mykolas Lietuvis” street. This decision was made despite the ongoing dispute regarding the EPA’s approval of the environmental impact assessment.

This case is of significant importance, as it directly pertains to the environmental impact assessment and the proper fulfillment of this crucial phase in the construction process. TRINITI JUREX’s involvement ensures that environmental considerations are given due diligence and that the construction process aligns with sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.