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Aurelija Rutkauskaitė


Aurelija is the Head of the Data Protection Practice Group at Trinity Jurex, a certified Data Protection Officer and a Patent Attorney with vast experience in IP & Media Law with particular focus on IP licensing and litigation. In more than 15 years of practice, Aurelija has handled dozens of issues related to IP protection and IP rights transfers, as well as personal data related and GDPR-compliance matters.

Aurelija is excellent at dealing with complex data and privacy issues, including data security requirements, employee monitoring, corporate training on data protection, and the development of privacy strategies and policies. However, her professionalism is best revealed when she smoothly handles personal data breaches and guides innovative big data or AI-based startups (in healthcare, life sciences, cyber-security, IT, FinTech, blockchain, mobility, robotics, e-commerce, etc.) on business model development and GDPR-compliance matters. She is one of the best professionals in the market at highlighting these industry-specific data and privacy risks and navigating the related opportunities. As proof of her competence, she has a Data Protection Officer (DPO) of the European Center for Privacy and Cyber Security certificate from Maastricht University (2019).


Aurelija has successfully managed at least ten data breaches suffered by her clients in the past two years and is the owner of twenty training sessions on data protection.


Aurelija also has extensive expertise in all intellectual property areas including patents, trademarks, copyright, design, and unfair competition issues, both contentious and non-contentious, as well as the destruction of counterfeited goods.


Her expertise has gained international recognition:

  • Spotlighted in The Legal 500 as a practitioner of IP Law (2017)
  • Best Lawyers recognised practitioner in IP Law (since 2017)


Aurelija is an active member of various industry-related organisations and working groups working on regulatory environment development.

Below are the highlights of her recent experience:

  • The provision of complex legal assistance and the creation of a comprehensive feasibility study on the regulation of the telecommunication sector in the Baltic countries for global transport leader Daimler AG, providing telematics solutions involving GSM and Internet connection.
  • Development of a strategy of compliance to data protection requirements for Omnisend (TOP87 fastest-growing companies worldwide, Financial Times 2021) and providing its execution by drafting all related GDPR and e-commerce documentation.
  • The advising of AI-based radiology solutions developer Oxipit on growth strategies and even day-to-day decision making related to privacy and commercialization of health care AI solutions.
  • Assistance to Droplet Genomics, providing molecular analysis techniques to biotech and pharma on complex preparation for and structuring the investment.
  • Continuous advice to Terasky Baltic, an IT and Cybersecurity company that is an official distributor and reseller of such internationally known IT solutions as Google Cloud, Google Workspace, Looker, Okta, HashiCorp, Portworks and others;
  • Everyday assistance to private hospital SK Impeks Medicinos diagnostikos centras on various challenges and risk minimization while processing patient data.


Her clients include LG Electronics, BICS, British Telecom, Daimler, Omnisend, Couldvisor, Wolt, TeraSky, Simplex, Paysera, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Procter & Gamble, Ferrari, Hugo Boss, Husqvarna, Nokia, and Bottega Veneta, to name a few.


Aurelija earned a Master’s of Law from Vilnius University. She has also been a Data Protection Officer (DPO) at the European Center for Privacy and Cyber ​​Security at the University of Maastricht since 2019.

Professional Memberships

Member of the Lithuanian Bar Association.


Member of the Pattern Attorney Institute.


Member of the Lithuanian Biotechnology Association.

The future in my specialty is

They say there are no limits to technology except our imagination. As a result, the success of almost all businesses is now decided by technology, either as a core product or a key accelerator of non-technology operations. In addition to that we have all the pressure that privacy and GDPR requirements, along with the regulators increasingly focusing on privacy enforcement, brings to us. That is why, I believe, now more than ever my advice can help clients to mitigate the risks associated with the rapid changing business environment, adopting and developing new technologies, designing privacy policies, and remaining ahead of the curve and outstripping the pace of change.

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