Ginčai, arbitražas ir konfliktų valdymas
8 spalio, 2020

TRINITI JUREX apgynė UAB „Restoranų grupė Fortas“ interesus – nuostolių atlyginti nereikės

We represented the restaurants’ group Fortas, who disagreed with the claim for damages from the insurance company. In one of the restaurants located in Vilnius entertainment and business center, the cold-water hose of the tap broke at night and water flooded both the rented restaurant and other premises of this center. The insurance company indemnified the building owner and other affected entities, but in a recourse, demanded our client to compensate for the insurance payments. 

Congratulations to Agnė Varnelienė and the team: the court completely rejected the insurance company’s claim. Our lawyers were able to persuade the court not to follow the usual case practice but to assess the balance of responsibilities between the tenant of the premises and their owner, who would be affected by the flooding, established in the lease agreement. Here is the case when a well-prepared lease agreement is very helpful!