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Vilija Viešūnaitė comments on the deregistration of the trademark due to non-use in the context of the L’Occitane dispute

The application may be submitted to the Lithuanian State Patent Bureau for revocation of the trademark registration due to non-use. This opportunity was used in a dispute over the trademark L’Occitane in Lithuania. Vilija Viešūnaitė comments to Verslo žinios that deregistration of a trademark due to non-use is intended to eliminate “dead” and truly unused trademarks in the market. 

The legislation has simplified the procedure for dealing with such requests, which has led to an increase in such disputes. However, a simpler procedure often becomes a tool for unfair combat, for example in trademark infringement cases, the process of revoking the registration of the opposing trademark for non-use can be used to delay the case proceedings in court. 

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