Law firm that takes care of its clients

JUREX and TRINITI have merged, joining the ranks of market leaders and introducing a new approach to legal services

Two recognized business law firms, JUREX and TRINITI, which operate in the three Baltic countries, have joined forces and will henceforth operate as TRINITI JUREX in Lithuania. The group of more than 70 experienced legal professionals will be one of the largest in the Baltic region, providing a wide range of specialized business law services. In Lithuania, TRINITI JUREX will be the only law firm integrating dispute risk assessment into the resolution of business issues. This means that more attention will go to the strategic assessment of the business situation and the provision of safeguards to prevent business risks and disputes.

“Our clients and our team are the main catalysts for this merger. It is the timely answer both to the growing market demanded for innovative, comprehensive and practical legal solutions as well as the opportunity to pursue professional ambitions for our associates and colleagues. Therefore, becoming one of the largest business law firms in Lithuania, we will have a select portfolio of competencies and services through which we can respond to the growing needs of our local and international clients. Meanwhile, we will reveal more opportunities for colleagues to realize their professional ambitions and confirm the deserved good name of business lawyers,” says Vilija Viešūnaitė, Managing Partner of TRINITI JUREX.

Jurgita Judickienė, Laimonas Judickas, Vytautas Kalmatavičius, Aurelija Rutkauskaitė, Linas Sabaliauskas, Agnė Ustinovičienė, Deivis Valiulis, and Agnė Varnelienė will also be partners of the firm. In total, over 40 lawyers will work in the Vilnius office.

“We are an energetic team of professionals, and we offer innovative business dispute risk management solutions in addition to the usual legal services on the market. Today, we are the first in the market to provide a dispute success index service that allows our clients to pragmatically assess the likelihood of success, potential benefits and losses. I can assure you that we are planning to surprise you once again by being the first to introduce new solutions in this area, which has a very clear and tangible value for business,” says Jurgita Judickienė, Managing Partner and one of the founders of JUREX.

TRINITI JUREX is planning to go beyond innovation in this field. New practice groups are planned to be developed in response to market needs: “We have worked and will continue to work actively with startups challenging our regulatory environment. We are also planning to have financial technology and compliance teams and will focus on those industries that still seem to be a part of the distant future,” says Vilija Viešūnaitė.

Taking over innovative management practices

The first stage of the merger of TRINITI JUREX will be completed by the beginning of October this year, when the entire team will move under one roof in Vilnius Old Town at Vilniaus St. 31. In Latvia and Estonia, the name of the firm will not change – it will remain TRINITI.

TRINITI JUREX continues to develop the management practice, which is unusual in the Lithuanian legal services sector and has been successfully applied at the TRINITI office for some time. The strategic decisions are made by the Board, which includes an independent member of the Board. After the merger, Partner Jurgita Judickienė, who was previously Managing Partner at JUREX, joins the board of the firm. Now it will have a total of 5 members.

Well known in the local and international markets

Established in 2006, for eight years in a row, JUREX has been ranked by international law directories as one of the most professional law firms having accumulated exceptional experience in the field of labour law and the transport sector. The JUREX team has won 84% of cases in which its clients were represented, and nearly one-fifth of the cases have been settled peacefully. JUREX is proud of its clients, which include Rimi Baltic, one of the largest retail chains; British American Tobacco; Vilniaus Baldai; and the world-renowned Lithuanian innovation and technology companies Global BOD Group and Light Conversion.

Last year the TRINITI team was the first in the Baltic States to win the international Managing Intellectual Property Awards for the most significant intellectual property case of the year. For a number of years, TRINITI has been ranked among the best in Lithuania in the fields of intellectual law, labour law, real estate law, finance law and litigation. The firm has many years of experience working with start-ups, including Oberlo, TransferGo and Droplet Genomics, some of the biggest success stories in Lithuania. TRINITI has earned the trust of Idex and Louis Vuitton, Audi and Volkswagen and many other international companies around the world.