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Estonian Parliament adopted resolution on supporting of nuclear energy

Yesterday (12.06.2024), the Estonian parliament – Riigikogu adopted a principal decision that allows for the future consideration of nuclear energy production in Estonia.

The decision to support the introduction of nuclear energy in Estonia includes the further drafting of a draft Nuclear Energy and Safety Act and, if necessary, the amendment and supplementation of existing legislation, the establishment of a nuclear energy safety regulator and the development of sectoral competences.

According to the resolution, the energy sector development plan until 2035 must address the impacts of nuclear energy in order to ensure security of energy supply in the transition to climate-neutral energy production. The decision does not give the right to build a nuclear power plant in Estonia. Such decisions may be taken on the basis of respective legislation to be adopted in the future.

In setting up the legal framework, it must be ensured that the risks related to national security, financing and ownership have been thoroughly assessed.

TRINITI advised the Ministry of Climate Change on the mapping of the legal framework for the start-up of a nuclear programme in Estonia and on the drafting of the draft Nuclear Energy Act and the corresponding explanatory memorandum