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February 18, 2020

We successfully represented Katrin Lust regarding the chiropractor Oolo episode of “Kuuuurija”

Harju District Court delivered a judgment dismissing the claim filed by star-chiropractor Oolo against Katrin Lust.

The dispute was significant in more than one respect, as the court analysed several complex legal questions in its 42-page judgment:

  • The journalistic right to use copyrighted material without the author’s consent and without paying any fees.
  • The extent to which a claimant can rely on aspects derived from context, i.e. putting words in a journalist’s mouth.
  • A journalist’s right to publish interviews conducted with their sources.
  • A journalist’s right to use someone’s personal data if the person in question has previously published such data about themselves.

The dispute continues in Tallinn Circuit Court of Appeal.

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