Dispute Resolution, Arbitration & Conflict Management
October 13, 2020

We assisted a client who is a foreign citizen in terms of obtaining a permit to marry in Estonia and received a permit from the courts in just a week!

TRINITI represented a foreign citizen client in obtaining a marriage permit for use within Estonia. In order to marry in Estonia, a person whose place of residence is in another country or who has resided in Estonia for less than six months immediately prior to submitting an application for marriage must submit a certificate confirming their legal capacity to contract a marriage, providing it to the Vital Statistics Department. In exceptional cases it is possible to apply for permission to marry through the courts if for a good reason a person is unable to present a certificate to confirm their legal capacity to contract a marriage. In this case, the client had several obstacles in terms of obtaining a certificate to confirm their legal capacity to contract a marriage from the country of which they were a citizen, including the fact that within the respective country there were restrictions in place in terms of people of different faiths being married. TRINITI assisted the client in applying for a marriage permit through the courts, and the courts issued the permit in just a week! The client was represented by TRINITI’s Ramil Pärt, who specialises in providing sworn statements, and his equally well-qualified assistant, Anni Prants.