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Transport & Infrastructure Law
June 6, 2023

TRINITI promotes the development of dedicated drone airspace in collaboration with Lennuliiklusteeninduse AS

TRINITI has partnered with Lennuliiklusteeninduse AS (EANS) to analyze the European implementing regulation EU 2021/664, also known as the “U-space regulation,” which establishes a framework for the development of dedicated airspace for drones. TRINITI’s work primarily focused on comparing and interpreting the regulation with the existing legislation in Estonia.

The U-space regulation, which came into effect in January 2023, establishes a legal framework for the operations of unmanned aircraft, or so-called drones. The regulation sets similar conditions for drones as those for “conventional” aircraft in controlled airspace. Therefore, the regulation sets minimum requirements for geographical areas being developed by Member States where both manned and unmanned aircraft will operate simultaneously.

TRINITI’s attorney-at-law Peeter P. Mõtsküla and lawyer Madlenne Timofejev identified the rights and obligations arising from the U-space regulation and compared them with the existing legislation in Estonia. They also assessed the current state of domestic aviation law, highlighted Estonia’s challenges in implementing the U-space regulation and provided recommendations for legislative amendments.

As a result, a document focusing on the U-space regulation was prepared, specifically addressing the interests of the aviation sector and supporting the growth and development of the drone industry.