Private Equity, Venture Capital & Startups
March 29, 2023

Triniti Jurex represented Lithuanian biotech start-up Droplet Genomics in raising a EUR 4.5 million venture capital investment

Droplet Genomics, a Lithuanian biotechnology start-up, has raised a EUR 4.5 million venture capital investment and announced that it will continue to be known by its new name – Atrandi Biosciences.

The main investors in the late seed round were Vsquared Ventures, the company’s first investor Practica Capital and Meta Planet. Following the investment, the company intends to accelerate its growth by establishing a team in the US and continuing to commercialise its droplet microfluidics and single cell research technologies.

TRINITI JUREX provided comprehensive advice to a startup on the preparation and structuring of an investment according to the agreed Term Sheet conditions with new Series A investors, including the conversion of existing convertible bonds and loans into equity, negotiation and conclusion of a bridge convertible loan agreement, issuing shares under existing option agreements, implementing internal share redistribution among founders and investors, and advising on negotiations with Series A investors for equity investment. The deal was complex and involved coordination of multiple parties across different jurisdictions, drafting of documents for each stage of authorized capital increase, internal share redistribution, and Series A investment and shareholders agreements, as well as the negotiations between multiple parties with diverse backgrounds and different level of investment interests, i.e. from big investors such as Vsquared, Metaplanet and Practica to angel investors. The process took around six months to complete.