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June 13, 2023

Triniti Jurex advised Lithuanian Junior Achievement (LJA) on establishing one of the first untouchable capital funds that invests in startups created by young Lithuanians

The TRINITI JUREX team contributed to the establishment of the Charity and Support Fund, which manages untouchable capital, as part of the Lithuanian Junior Achievement (LJA) project.  LJA is the first non-governmental organization in Lithuania that has been successfully implementing progressive economic education, entrepreneurship development, financial literacy, and career education programs in general education schools, vocational training institutions, and universities for 30 years. The main goal of this LJA fund is to invest in startups created by young Lithuanians, thereby contributing to the development of the Lithuanian ecosystem and youth entrepreneurship.


In Lithuania, untouchable capital managed by charity and support funds is a rarity. This project is significant because Lithuanian entrepreneurs are purposefully bringing Western practices to Lithuania. Renowned world universities such as Harvard University, Stanford University, and Yale University have similar charity and support funds. The management of untouchable capital is becoming an increasingly popular form of philanthropy that ensures transparent achievement of the fund’s intended goals.


Untouchable capital in the charity and support fund refers to funds transferred to the fund and separated from its other assets for an indefinite period. The income generated from investments can be used by the fund to implement activities that benefit society.


From the very beginning of its activities, this charity and support fund managed to raise almost 100,000 euros in support from operating businesses and business angels in Lithuania, a portion of which will be used for startup investments.