Dramatic Developments in European State Aid Law

In its recent 01.10.2015 decision, Dunamenti Erömü v Commission (C 357/14 P), the European Court found that the investment made by a private investor in 1995 contained prohibited state aid as from Hungary’s accession to the European Union on 01.05.2004. By this decision, the Court also changed the earlier single economic unit doctrine, distinguishing between Read more

Crimea – Who Defines Self-determination?

In the 17th century, Thomas Hobbes in his magnum opus Leviathan argued that the subjects cannot change the sovereign without the sovereign’s permission. This seems to be a viewpoint close to the present Kremlin’s heart. Why else would they call the current government in Kiev unlawful, a product of an armed rebellion? Read more

New directions in European state aid law

The judgment of the European Court of Justice made at the end of the last year in the case of DHL -Leipzig/Halle (C-288/ 11 P) pertains to prohibited state aid related to constructing an airport runway, but the principles of that adjudication can be applied to other infrastructure objects as well. In the light of Read more