Latest Assignments

The contribution of TRINITI solicitors to the completion of the national risk assessment

Katri Tomson and Ramil Pärdi, sworn advocates within the TRINITI financial team, are participating in the preparation of the Estonian national money laundering and terrorist financing risk assessment. A national risk assessment is a sector-specific study which aims to identify, assess, and raise awareness of the risks, threats, and vulnerabilities which may be associated with money laundering and terrorist financing both at national and sectoral levels. Read more

We assisted a client who is a foreign citizen in terms of obtaining a permit to marry in Estonia and received a permit from the courts in just a week!

TRINITI represented a foreign citizen client in obtaining a marriage permit for use within Estonia. In order to marry in Estonia, a person whose place of residence is in another country or who has resided in Estonia for less than six months immediately prior to submitting an application for marriage must submit a certificate confirming their legal capacity to contract a marriage, providing it to the Vital Statistics Department. In exceptional cases it is possible to apply for permission to marry through the courts if for a good reason a person is unable to present a certificate to confirm their legal capacity to contract a marriage. In this case, the client had several obstacles in terms of obtaining a certificate to confirm their legal capacity to contract a marriage from the country of which they were a citizen, including the fact that within the respective country there were restrictions in place in terms of people of different faiths being married. TRINITI assisted the client in applying for a marriage permit through the courts, and the courts issued the permit in just a week! The client was represented by TRINITI’s Ramil Pärt, who specialises in providing sworn statements, and his equally well-qualified assistant, Anni Prants.

We advised an Estonian investor in terms of investing into Tallinn’s environmentally-valuable property market

We advised an investment company which was founded by using Estonian capital as a basis in terms of financing a refurbishment project which was focussed on an apartment building in an environmentally-valuable area of Tallinn and in a transaction to purchase apartment ownerships which may emerge in the future in the case of an existing property being divided.

Rail Baltic Joint Venture Study for the Baltic Governments

TRINITI carried out a multi-disciplinary study on the future Rail Baltic joint venture, commissioned by the Estonian Technical Surveillance Authority on behalf of the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian Inter-Governmental Rail Baltic Task-Force. The purpose of the TRINITI Rail Baltic Joint Venture Study, completed in 2013, was to analyse the variables related to the legal status, management structure, shareholder agreements and financing issues (incl. tax) for the largest joint venture between the three Baltic states in their history

Republic of Estonia acquired majority shares in Estonian Air

TRINITI advised the Estonian government in the acquisition of 90% of the shares in the national air carrier, Estonian Air. The Estonian Republic and Scandinavian Airline Systems (SAS) recapitalized the company with ~20 M EUR. Our lawyers carried out the legal due diligence review of the airline, assisted in the share capital increase and advised in the negotiation of the new shareholders’ agreement