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Laimonas Judickas

Attorney at Law

Laimonas Judickas has extensive experience in advising, representing and defending clients in pre-trial and trial proceedings in criminal and civil matters in Lithuania and abroad. Laimonas has been successfully representing and defending the interests of clients in high-profile, complex cases with international elements for almost 20 years.

As a criminal law expert, Laimonas works on all categories of criminal cases — white-collar crime, occupational safety, traffic accidents, violent crime and compensation for damages, as well as disposal of narcotics and other substances.


His solid experience in litigation allows him to develop a maximally effective strategy for representing clients at all stages of criminal proceedings and to ensure the defence of suspects and defendants in criminal cases at all levels of courts.


Laimonas is also a long-standing pro bono legal advisor to the international Catholic organisation Caritas Lithuania.

Below are some of his work highlights:

  • Successfully defended a client in a high-profile case involving €700 million in damages.
  • Successfully defended a client detained by ARO officers in a high-profile case.
  • Successfully defended a client with the largest bail in the history of the Republic of Lithuania — 770 000 euros.
  • Won an extradition case against the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Lithuania before the Vilnius Regional Court and the Lithuanian Court of Appeal.
  • Successfully represented a client’s interests in a case for granting asylum in the Republic of Lithuania.
  • Successfully defended a client wanted by INTERPOL.
  • Successfully won a high-profile case before the Supreme Court of Lithuania for violation of hunting regulations.
  • Participated in a pre-trial investigation of a workplace accident, which was discontinued.


Laimonas holds a Master’s of Law from Vilnius University.

Professional Memberships

Member of the Lithuanian Bar Association since 1997.

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