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Egidija Vėbraitė

Attorney at Law
Senior Associate

Egidija is a lawyer with more than 10 years of practical legal experience. She specialises in civil, commercial and business disputes and the management of risks arising from such disputes. Egidija has significant experience in dealing with shareholder disputes and civil liability issues of company management bodies. She also has experience in representing clients before the European Court of Human Rights and in complex family disputes with a foreign element.

Egidija is an active practising lawyer. Prior to joining Triniti Jurex, Egidija gained her professional experience by successfully representing clients in negotiations and court. She mostly advises and represents clients in shareholder disputes, civil liability of managers and shareholders of legal entities, as well as in unfair competition cases.


Egidija is most appreciated by her clients for her thoroughness and ability to get to the bottom of a dispute.

Recent experience:
  • Successfully represented clients in court for damages in claims brought against former managers and/or shareholders of legal entities, as well as in cases of unfair competition and breach of confidentiality obligations.
  • Handled cases concerning investigations into the conduct of a legal entity.
  • Represented the interests of a major shareholder in negotiations on the transfer of shares in one of the most famous and successful Lithuanian start-ups, exit from the company’s activities (exit).
  • A pending petition (K. B. v. Lithuania, discrimination) has been accepted and opened before the ECHR.
  • Successfully advised clients on the takeover of shares in a foreign legal entity.
  • Successfully resolved shareholder disputes.


Holds a Master‘s degree from Vilnius university.

Professional Memberships

Member of the Lithuanian Bar Association

The future in my specialty is

Litigation will last as long as society itself. Therefore, there is always a need for a legal practitioner who is active in this field, who is knowledgeable about current case law and who has the ability to lead relevant debates. However, it is worth remembering that, as we move steadily towards sustainability, the priority must be not to escalate disputes, but to manage the risks appropriately. A responsible lawyer will first and foremost help the client to manage the risks, not involve the client in the dispute.

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