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Sandor Elias

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Sandor is a public law attorney – public procurements, planning and construction law, state aid and competition law, EU and administrative law. During 10 years of experience, Sandor has successfully represented and counseled clients in hundreds of public law matters and disputes, making him one of the most highly renowned experts in those fields. In addition, Sandor heads the state aid and competition law practice group of the office.

Sandor combines unique knowledge and experience in public law with expertise in specific areas of law and industries (including energy, utilities, construction etc). Sandor has been leading or involved in all the major public law matters the office has handled and in most of those matters in Estonia as a whole. Sandor has represented clients in complex cases and disputes and has, in the eyes of clients, a reputation of finding quickly effective solutions along with complete thoroughness.


During his practice, Sandor has advised clients in matters such as: 

  • Representing different contracting authorities and infrastructure, energy, water, catering, production, healthcare, advertising etc. undertakings in public procurement procedures and disputes.
  • Representing energy, water and infrastructure undertakings, local municipalities and real estate developers in construction and planning procedures and disputes.
  • Advising various clients, including ministries, local municipalities and public or private undertakings in the field of state aid law, including in European Commission.
  • Representing clients in the postal and waste sectors in complex competition law disputes.
  • Representing clients, including different undertakings, public authorities and local municipalities in complex state and administrative law disputes.

Sandor graduated cum laude from the Faculty of Law of the University of Tartu. Since 2015, Sandor is a member of the Estonian Bar Association. Sandor is also a member of the Rotalia Student Fraternity.


Sandor graduated cum laude from the Faculty of Law of the University of Tartu, Estonia in 2014.

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