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Marius Tamošiūnas

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Marius Tamošiūnas is an associate partner and head of the Bankruptcy and Restructuring Practice Group. Marius has more than 15 years of experience in complex business disputes, mainly pertaining to shareholder relations and director liability, as well as corporate bankruptcy and restructuring. Marius is also a licensed insolvency administrator (official receiver) with more than 10 years of practical experience in managing bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings. He was one of the first in the market to take on personal bankruptcy cases under the new Law on Bankruptcy of Natural Persons. He is also a lawyer recommended by the international legal guide Legal 500.

His combined experience in both matters of corporate governance and shareholder disputes make Marius Tamošiūnas one of the leading experts on shareholder agreements in Lithuania. He has engineered and drafted more than 120 complex shareholder agreements and acquired vast practical experience in this field.


The vast experience gained from litigation and insolvency administration also allows Marius to effectively advise clients on risk mitigation and dispute prevention in complex commercial transactions, company acquisitions, and changes of company group structure to ensure effective management and control.

Below are some of his professional highlights:

  • Recently, Marius Tamošiūnas advised Jiangsu Linyang Energy Co., Ltd. (listed on the Shanghai stock exchange with a market cap of 11.80 billion CNY (1,473 billion euro) in the acquisition of 100% of Elgama – Elektronika, one of the largest makers of electricity meters in Eastern Europe.
  • Marius also advised and represented ECSO Holding in negotiations with Orion Private Equity Fund regarding the investment of approx. 1 million euro and engineered and negotiated the complex shareholder agreement.
  • As head of the bankruptcy and restructuring practice, Marius Tamošiūnas is actively engaged in managing complex bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings. A recent example involves overseeing and managing restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings of one of the largest seafood processing factories in the Klaipėda region – UAB Vesvela.


Marius holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in law from Mykolas Romeris University, specialising in Corporate Law.

Professional memberships

Marius Tamošiūnas currently serves on the Board of Directors UAB Elgama – Elektronika and until 2021 served as a Board member of Lithuanian Squash Federation.

The future in my specialty is

In light of recent Covid-19 challenges, everybody in our field of practice has been waiting for a wave of bankruptcies. While this wave is yet to come, we are seeing the rapid expansion of the real estate market, business growth, and unparalleled consumption. However, economic cycles cannot be avoided – they may only be delayed to cause the “spring effect”. Irrespective of the economic cycle, we shall be there to help our clients navigate insolvency risks and assist them in hard restructuring decisions,  or in actively seeking a solution in the event of the insolvency of their debtors.

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