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Maarja Pild

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Maarja is an attorney at law with extensive knowledge and a wealth of experience in the fields of media and data protection law. Maarja has successfully represented clients in various litigation proceedings, incl. representing clients in the Court of Justice of the European Union. She the head of the IP-IT, Media and Data Protection competence group of the TRINITI Estonia office, and she is a member of the Estonian Press Council, a voluntary body of media self-regulation to handle complaints from the public about material in the media.

Maarja is an experienced attorney in the field of data protection and media law.

She is the head of IP-IT, Media, and Data Protection competence group of the TRINITI Estonia office and a member of the Banking & Finance workgroup, which allows her to offer in-depth and industry-specific advice in day-to-day business and dispute matters. 

She has represented clients in many complex disputes, both in court and through various institutions of state authority. Maarja has also represented clients in the Court of Justice of the European Union.


Some of Maarjas’s noteworthy projects and experience are:

  • Advising clients in the media, insurance, industry, and technology sectors on compliance with data protection requirements, including drafting data processing conditions, conducting impact assessments, conducting legal analyses, and providing day-to-day advice in the field of data protection.
  • Providing representation for journalist Toivo Tänavsuu in a precedent-setting dispute in a copyright and social media lawsuit against a hobby artist who used a photo of a child who was suffering from cancer to create a painting.
  • Providing representation for a client in the European Union’s first ICO litigation.
  • Providing representation for journalist Katrin Lust in a lawsuit which concerned media and copyright issues in connection with the episode which included a chiropractor by the name of Oolo in ‘Kuuuurija’.
  • Providing representation for a client in the Court of Justice of the European Union during a mediator’s liability case. The dispute concerned the question of whether and when, under European Union law, an organisation which is representing trademark proprietors is entitled to bring an action before a court in order to protect the rights of trademark proprietors and matters which were related to the response by the mediator.
  • Providing representation for Äripäev AS in a precedent-setting dispute with Eerik-Niiles Kross
    Representing a client in an internet jurisdiction dispute before the Court of Justice of the European Union.
  • Preparing an amicus curiae opinion for the European Court of Human Rights. The case before the European Court of Human Rights concerned the issue of hyperlinking defamatory statements.


Pild, Maarja; Turk, Karmen (2019). With, or Without a Kratt – That Is the Question. A Civil Law View of Robots and Artificial Intelligence. Juridica, 1, 43-55.

Pild, Maarja (2016). Applying Legal Remedies under the Law of Obligations in Case of Defamation in Social Media. Example of Facebook. Juridica, 5, 303-312.

Co-author of the article 17 commentaries to the Estonian constitution.


In 2016 Maarja graduated cum laude from the Faculty of Law of the University of Tartu, Estonia. Her thesis: „Applicability of the Law of Obligations Remedies for Social Media Defamation Cases on the Example of Facebook“.

2014-2015 Maarja was an exchange student in the Russian Federation, faculty of law of the St Petersburg State University.

2015 – Maarja represented the Russian Federation in the United States at the Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition.

2014 – Maarja’s team won the Estonian Moot Court Competition and Maarja was elected the best orator of the competition.

2013 – Maarja represented Estonia at the Telders International Law Moot Court competition held in the Netherlands, where on behalf of the Respondent in the Oral Argumentation, she placed second.

2013 – Maarja participated in the summer school “European Private Law” at the University of Salzburg, Austria.

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