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Maarja Lehemets


Maarja specializes in compliance counselling. Maarja works on Data Protection law, IT law and financial regulations, including issues related to the prevention of money laundering and the application for activity licenses. Maarja is experienced in offering tailored solutions for achieving regulatory compliance while considering client business specifics.

Maarja is specialized in personal data protection questions (GDPR) and financial regulatory compliance. Maarja has advised different media organisations, credit institutions, creditors, insurance companies and different FinTech companies on compliance questions, incl. building up entire internal personal data protection systems, preparing AML internal procedures and advising on obtaining operating and other financial licenses. Maarja is also experienced in preparing necessary documentation for different online businesses (e.g. terms and conditions, privacy policy, cookie policy etc.). Maarja is teaching a course at Tartu University on how to manage money laundering risks in a company.


For example, Maarja has taken part in the following projects:

  • Conducting personal data protection impact assessment for Auvetech on processing of personal data for operating self-driving vehicles.
  • Counselling and support in data protection, AML compliance and banking regulations for developing Salv’s (AML platform and tools)
  • Counselling and support for ensuring compliance of Veriff’s verification tool.
  • Conducting personal data protection impact assessment for cookie and tracker usage for one of the biggest media companies in Estonia.
  • Advising crypto trading company Exscudo in AML matters. This included among other renewing and implementation of risk assessment documents as well as internal rules for AML procedures.
  • Advising virtual currency service provider in submission for license for virtual currency service provider (VC: FIAT Exchange and VC wallet services) from Estonian FIU as well as advising on regulatory matters, preparation of general terms and conditions, issues regarding the compliance with GDPR and AML requirements etc.
  • Counselling and support of client in submission for payment service provider’s permit (AIS, PIS) from Estonian FSA.

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