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Katri Tomson

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Katri is known as highly professional court lawyer and financial law expert. Katri has successfully represented clients from all over the world in disputes subject to Estonian courts. Katri is also trusted to run TRINITI’s Banking & Finance Department that members have become of a high standard in the market. Katri specialises in Dispute Resolution and Banking & Finance, alongside fields related to the Contract Law and Law of Obligations (incl. compensation for damage and tort law) as well as Real Estate & Construction.

During Katri’s nearly 20 years of law practice she has advised both Estonian and foreign banks and creditors, successfully representing them in disputes arising from the transfer of loan portfolios, various credit agreements (incl. leasing and factoring) and collateral contracts as well as other financial instruments. Clients see her as an attorney, who is orientated in expanding the court practice and finding solutions even when it seems impossible.


Her clients include for example:

  • UniCredit Leasing (current business name: Citadele Leasing)
  • Nordea Finance Estonia (current trademark: Luminor)
  • Katri has successfully litigated cryptocurrency disputes, including representation in the first ICO case in EU.

At the same time Katri is also experienced in resolving large-scale cases involving compensation for damage either caused by alleged transfer of business, breach of contractual obligation or by tort. Clients find her to be an irreplaceable attorney in cases that require long-term commitment and going deep in large number of files and evidence.

Her remarkable experiences in that field are for example:

  • representation of Transpordi Varahaldus (a state-owned asset management company for aircraft) in court case where the former employees of Estonian national airline Estonian Air (in bankrupt) sued another airline Nordic Aviation Group and Transpordi Varahaldus claiming the fulfilment of the obligations on Estonian Air due to alleged transfer of entity
  • representation of Tallinna Vesi (a company being responsible for water and sewage matter for the entire capital of the Republic of Estonia) in lawsuits concerning the alleged unjustified price of domestic water
  • representation of Tallinna Sadam (Port of Tallinn is the biggest port authority in Estonia) in litigation with Tallink (the leading provider of high-quality mini-cruise and passenger transport services in the northern Baltic Sea region) regarding alleged abuse of a dominant position
  • Katri’s highlights are also successful court victories in disputes related to real estate, construction and energy sector (representing clients such as SW Energia, Remet, Ehitus5ECO)


Katri graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Tartu, Estonia in 2003.

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