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Karolina Laurynaitė

Zvērināta advokāte

Karolina is an attorney at law focused on public procurement and PPP. Together with her amazing team, she daily assists Triniti Jurex’s clients in the successful tendering and then implementation of public projects. During her professional career Karolina has consultes with clients regarding the most important state and municipal procurements (Rail Baltica, Vilnius Cogeneration Power Plant, etc.). Her more than ten years of experience in different legal fields and litigation helps Karolina to see the bigger picture and gives her a strategic advantage to help clients.

Professional experience:

  • 360◦ public procurement and PPP consultations: tendering strategies and contract implementation, conflicts of interest, subcontracting and joint venture contracts
  • EU funding and sanctions
  • Employment law solutions for companies and HR professionals that create value: C-level employee contracts and remuneration schemes, non-competes, policies for handling conflicts of interest
  • Litigation experience: from the most notable public procurement disputes to highly complex unfair competition and shareholder disputes
  • Fintech licensing


Karolina is also a well-known lecturer and speaker on public procurement, employment & business law topics.


She is passionate about new roles and spin-offs of the legal profession.


Karolina holds a Bachelor of Law (Law and Governance) and a Masters of Law (Civil Law) from Mykolas Romeris University. She also holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from BMI Institute.

Professional Memberships

W@LawLT executive committee member/entrepreneur for female legal professionals to be heard, found, and seen on their professional merits

Member of Lithuanian Young Bar Association

Member of Lithuanian Bar Association

The future in my specialty is

I am invested wholly in the idea of a situation where businesses and the authorities collaborate so that all stakeholders prosper and innovate. Public procurement in many cases is still wrongly simplified to a contest in which someone always wins, and someone always loses.

On the contrary, it is a powerful tool that can accelerate innovation, sustainability, and general well-being for all of us. As a public procurement lawyer, I am excited to dive into each project!

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