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Giedrė Čiuladienė


Giedrė has extensive knowledge and experience in M&A transactions, with a goal-oriented mindset. She represents corporations, funds, as well as startups and family businesses. This makes her keenly aware of the issues that may arise on each side, as well as prepared for all problem-solving eventualities. Reorganisations are her special point of interest and are often used when restructuring businesses prior to or after M&A deals. Moreover, Giedrė is highly experienced in dealing with the issues of merger control: preparation of notifications on concentration, evaluation of contracts and assessment of whether they require an application to the Competition Council, as well as the structuring of deals to have no implication in competition law.

Giedrė has over 15 years of experience in a number of transactions, which proves she is highly valued by both local as well as international clients. She is an expert at working with startups, especially those operating AI-related products, with solid experience in advising such start-ups as Oberlo, TransferGo, Millo Appliances, Eddy Travels, Droplet Genomics, Emocinis Balansas (Mindletic), Biomatter Designs, GoRamp and many others, to which she successfully assisted when attracting investments and developing business. Oberlo is especially of note as it had one of the most remarkable exits of Lithuanian startups, involving cross-border investment from Shopify. Giedrė also assisted in TransferGo and Vinted deals that were the biggest investments into startups of Lithuania in 2021, attracting more than 290 million euros.

Additionally, Giedrė has experience in structuring deals and searching for solutions when working with venture capital and other funds:

  • Assistance to Practica Capital and Startup Wise Guys resulted in an innovative form of investment adapted to Lithuanian requirements and the expansion of their portfolio through the acquisition of a promising startup company developing a personal data engine.
  • Groa Capital and Orion Asset Management are two fund managers that value her negotiating skills and ability to identify the risks and find possibilities for how to overcome them.

Giedrė has been recognised by clients as an expert with extensive knowledge and experience in cross-border deals. She is valued for business-oriented advice and representation, as well as her perfect negotiation skills:

  • She represented a client in the sale-purchase of the Holiday Inn hotel in Vilnius, which was a big part of the hospitality market, and involved a foreign element.
  • She advises the producer of polystyrene foam Baltijos Polistirenas, the furniture manufacturer Nordic Idea and other significant market players and their shareholders in M&A deals, as well as in other transactions related to their business activities.

As part of Giedrė‘s work, she assists clients regarding corporate law, employment law,  and competition law. All these areas are closely related, so she expects her full scope of knowledge to help structure deals and quickly make decisions.


Giedrė holds a master’s degree in Law from Vilnius University

The future in my specialty is

Startups are not just an interest for me, it is rather a lifestyle. Understanding their needs, being flexible, and exercising quick reaction to rapidly changing circumstances. These are all features that are crucial when it comes to working in the investment and M&A field. But it does not stop there. You need to be able to flag the risks before they hit and have an ability to search for solutions acceptable for all parties. And the recognition of these skills by private equity and venture capital funds, as well as startups is indeed a valuable reward, as today the Baltics may be called one of the most active VC eco-systems in the world.

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