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Evaldas Pocevičius

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Evaldas is an expert litigator and arbitration counsel representing clients in commercial disputes, including shareholder disputes and those related to liability of management bodies. His experience extends to disputes of high value and broad scope, including M&A transaction related disputes. Evaldas also represents clients in disputes regarding contractual liability, as well as compensation for various kinds of damages suffered.

In his years of practice, Evaldas has also gained negotiation and mediation skills that save considerable amounts for his clients and help settle disputes in their favour. In the past year, Evaldas has independently helped his clients peacefully settle disputes in the pre-trial or early trial stage a dozen times, saving or earning his clients over 1.5 million euros, as well as saving them a considerable amount on legal fees.


Due to extensive involvement in the business matters of his clients, Evaldas is highly skilled in the processes and operation of his clients’ businesses and is thus well-positioned to advise them on day-to-day decisions that help prevent further expenses. These competencies enable Evaldas to quickly adapt his approach to fit new clients, and to show a deep understanding of business in general, and to become well prepared for any situation that occurs in the future.


Over the years Evaldas has litigated various cases including some high-value disputes related to agency relationships and the quality of wholesale traded consumer goods. These include, most recently, proceedings initiated against one of the biggest banks in the Nordics — Swedbank — for causing damages to his client by not fulfilling its obligations under issued letters of credit.  Evaldas’ areas of expertise include cases pertaining to the liability of shareholders and managing bodies of companies, more commonly in the context of bankruptcy proceedings, as well as questions related to contractual liability in commercial transactions.

Some of Evaldas’ notable clients are:

  • BRD (BOD lenses) – the first Lithuanian company to start manufacturing optical lenses in Lithuania,
  • Finance Group, developer of innovative cardless fuel purchase solutions (www.fgfuel.io) and provider of VAT return and excise service in Europe
  • Interneto vizija, a leading hosting and domain service provider in the Baltics, a registrar of over 60% of Lithuania’s domain names and a minority shareholder of Vilniaus prekyba and Metruna — one of the biggest steel scrap collectors and traders in the region.


Evaldas holds a Bachelor of Law and a Masters of Law (Civil Law) from Mykolas Romeris University.

Professional memberships

Evaldas is a member of the Lithuanian Bar Association and Lithuanian Young Bar Association.


Arbitrator of the Vilnius Court of Commercial Arbitration (VKAT).

The future in my specialty is

Every now and then innovations come to visit dispute resolution lawyers. And every time this happens, it sticks with us, because the area of dispute resolution is one of the most conservative fields of law, so any improvement is welcome. I believe that to have a future in dispute resolution, or more precisely, to have an edge in dispute resolution, one must be familiar with technology, willing to learn and be able to have their case files in hand, literally.

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