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Artūras Vaišvila

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With more than twenty years of experience, Artūras Vaišvila has a substantial litigation practice in construction, transport and insurance. Throughout his extensive practice he has handled over 720 disputes in the field and drafted over 1050 complex lease, sale-purchase, joint-venture, design and construction agreements, including cross border agreements for the construction of apartment buildings with thousands of square meters of living space.

For more than 10 years Artūras had his own law firm, where he had the advantage of accumulating extensive knowledge of almost all areas of civil law.


Among notable clients of Arturas are:

  • TRANSIMEKSA, one of the major Lithuanian transport companies;
  • ASSTRA GROUP, international transport and logistics company;
  • Bodesa, one of the largest manufacturers of insulated glass units in the Baltic States;
  • Vilniaus vystymo kompanija, one of the oldest companies owned by Vilnius City Municipality.

Below are some of Arturas’ work highlights:

  • In a case that reached the Supreme Court of Lithuania and established case law, the interests of Briedis, one of the largest educational publishing houses in the country, were successfully asserted in proving that a representative of a competing business had misappropriated and used the company’s intellectual property.
  • Successfully represented a client in the Supreme Court of Lithuania in a case concerning compensation for loss of cargo.
  • Successfully represented a client in the Supreme Court of Lithuania in a case concerning the interpretation and application of legal norms governing the qualification of contractual legal relations and the unilateral termination of a contract. Case law was formed that states that the law does not provide for the enforcement of a share subscription agreement at all.
  • Successfully represented a client in a case in which a general meeting of a trade union of employees was declared unlawful in that the meeting lacked a quorum and fair voting procedures had not been ensured in the remote meeting.
  • In a case that reached the Supreme Court of Lithuania and resulted in the formation of case law, Artūras successfully represented the client’s interests in resolving issues of qualification of construction contract legal relations and a contractor’s liability for defective work.


Artūras holds a degree in engineering from Kaunas University of Technology and a master’s degree in law from Vilnius University.

Professional Memberships

Artūras Vaišvila is a member of the Civil Procedure Committee of the Lithuanian Bar Association.

The future in my specialty is

The transport sector will never stop. It will change shape. It will transform. But it was, is and will be.

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