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Unlocking Knowledge Sharing: TRINITI Exchange Programme


TRINITI JUREX has an exchange programme among its offices in the Baltic States designed to encourage lawyers to travel between offices, experience different cultures, integrate within the company, and increase their knowledge. This time, attorney-at-Law Katrin Kose from TRINITI Estonia visited the Vilnius office to collaborate with the IP and GDPR practice groups and to participate in GDPR training.

How did you decide to participate in the exchange programme, and what motivated you to do so?

I was motivated by the desire to see how the Lithuanian office works on a daily basis and to create a more personal relationship with my colleagues. I believe that thanks to more personal relationships, cooperation will also be smoother.


What are your main goals for this visit?

On the one hand, to see how work is organized in the Lithuanian office, but also to meet colleagues face-to-face and see the people behind the names.


What have you learned so far?

Are there any insights you’d like to share with your colleagues? It has become clear to me that both the working environment and its substantive side are very similar.


What advice or tips would you give to someone coming to an exchange programme?

Stepping out of your every-day comfort zone can be challenging, but it is a good way to gather new experiences and knowledge. I would advise anyone joining the program to approach it with an open mind.


Do you have any plans to participate in another exchange programme in the near future?

There are no definite plans at the moment, but I am open-minded and ready for new experiences!