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February 21, 2024

Legal Guide To The Game Industry

The game developer’s industry is quite booming. Especially it escalated during Covid-19 pandemic, but after it has passed – the boom does not fade away. With an annual growth rate estimated at 12.1%, the global gaming market size will reach 435 billion USD by 2028.

With over 3 billions players globally, the industry is bigger than music and movies combined.

Delivering a game to the market might cause some challenges so it is necessary to be well prepared, especially looking through legal requirements. It is also necessary to understand the practical realities of developing, distributing, promoting and protecting the game. They may not all apply to specific circumstances, but those that do can have a heavy and lasting impact on the future of the business. Finding out which of these you should focus on is half the battle. Another one is ability to ensure the compliance.

We invite you to take a closer look at the specific legal criteria that are important for the gaming industry and for game production, successful launch and further compliant maintenance in Lithuania and beyond.

This guide has been reviewed and updated in 2024.