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General Meeting of Apartment Owners vs Corona Quarantine

At least once a year, even such apartment associations that are blessed with a perfectly functional management board or excellent administrator and where all the inhabitants live in harmony. But how to do it in a situation where, in order to curb the pandemic, the Government has enforced strict restrictions on freedom of movement? 


In order to approve the annual report and establish a management plan without calling a general meeting of apartment owners, three steps are necessary. 

  • The management board sends to all apartment owners (via e-mail if possible) the annual report and management plan along with the draft of the resolution for approving the former and establishing the latter, and specifies the term by which the apartment owners must present their positions. 
  • The apartment owners send their votes and positions to the management board. The resolution shall be adopted if more than one-half of the votes of apartment owners are in favour, unless the articles of association prescribe a greater majority requirement. 
  • Upon expiry of the term, the management board prepares a record of voting and sends it along with the position statements presented to all apartment owners. 

If all apartment owners agree to the resolution, it is enough to have it prepared in writing and signed by all apartment owners (or the sole owner of all apartments). 

If the majority of apartment owners fail to present their positions, a general meeting should be called. If this lacks quorum, the management board shall call a new meeting which shall have a quorum regardless of the number of participants. 

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