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EUR 20 million grant fund to help small and medium-sized enterprises maximise their intellectual property assets

We are glad to inform you on the launch of an EUR 20 million grant fund, which provides IP vouchers to help small and medium-sized enterprises based in the European Union to access and benefit from their intellectual property (IP) rights.

Open to all enterprises in the EU that fit the official definition of a SME, the new scheme offers financial support in the form of reimbursements for trademark and design application and for IP pre-diagnostic services (IP Scan), up to a maximum amount of EUR 1 500 per business.

It opens for applications on 11 January 2021 in the first of five application windows that will run throughout 2021.

The new scheme is run through the Ideas Powered for Business programme at the EUIPO, and forms part of the European Commission’s IP Action Plan. It is carried out in cooperation with the national and regional intellectual property offices of the EU.

Intellectual property increases the value of a company and helps to obtain financing and increase profits. We encourage you not to miss a great opportunity to save and protect your intellectual property.

For more information, please contact Vilija Viešūnaitė.