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Electronic notarized certification of documents in Latvia

Sworn notaries of Latvia have obtained rights to perform notarized certifications of different documents electronically. On 8 March of 2018 were adopted “Amendments to the Notariate Law” (hereinafter referred to as the – amendments) [1], which have supplemented the Notariate law with the new chapter E“Electronic certifications”. The chapter E“Electronic certifications” has entered into force as of 1 July 2018.

Previously sworn notaries weren’t allowed to make certifications of documents electronically, therefore amendments aim to assess advantages of modern technologies and use provided possibilities of thereof.

Now sworn notaries have an opportunity to make power of attorneys, consents, revocations of thereof and inheritance submissions regarding acceptance of an inheritance or renunciation of an inheritance by means of videoconference in Notary’s information system.

According to the amendments persons are granted the possibility to make unilateral declarations of intent remotely. Such opportunity will essentially facilitate possibilities of Latvian nationals living abroad to exercise their rights, for example, to authorize other person to manage affairs in Latvia, to accept or renounce inheritance, to obtain publicly reliable consents necessary for submission to institutions of Latvia (Land Registry Offices etc.). [2]

It is anticipated that new regulation will reduce the administrative burden of individuals, which arises out of, for example, translation of documents prepared abroad in foreign languages. It is expected that people’s time, expenses for traveling to Latvia for processing of documents and obtaining documents abroad will also be saved. [3]

The list on sworn notaries, who prepare notarized certification of documents electronically, is available on the website of Latvian Sworn Notary Council.

The partner and sworn attorney of attorneys-at-law Triniti Uģis Treilons [4] along with other lawyers is ready to help by providing answers to questions regarding new procedure of notarized certification of documents.

[1] Amendments to the Notariate law.

Available here.

[2] Annotation to the draft law “Amendments to the Notariate law”.

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[3] The report published by the Latvian Sworn Notary Council.

[4] Sworn attorney Ugis Treilons