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TRINITI contributed to the seventh edition of the Baltic Private M&A Deal Points Study

The BalticPrivate M&A Deal Points Study is now in its seventh edition and provides an overview of the Baltic M&A experience, significant transactions, and current practices. The study, initiated by SORAINEN, includes all major law firms that are most active in the Baltic M&A market. In total, seven law firms participated in the survey, namely SORAINEN, TRINITI Baltic Group, Cobalt, ELLEX, TGS Baltic, WALLESS, and Eversheds Sutherland, and they shared their data and insights.

The study analyzed 155 private M&A transactions that were concluded between April 2020 and March 2022, during which the Baltic M&A market was very active, and the study period began when the first restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic were introduced.

According to Giedrė Čiuladienė, M&A partner at TRINITI JUREX, the survey revealed that the trends in the Baltics reflect the characteristics of the global M&A market. “We can be pleased with the excellent cooperation between the major law firms. It revealed what is really happening in the market. The good news is that Baltic M&A players are increasingly adopting internationally recognized transactional tools to manage potential risks more effectively. We also noted that the transactions we represented are not deviating from the general market trends,” notes Čiuladienė.

During the review period, the most active sectors in the Baltic M&A market were technology, industry, energy, and utilities. The share of M&A transactions in the services sector declined significantly. Deal values increased significantly, with the value of the average Baltic M&A deal rising from EUR 1-10 million to EUR 10-25 million.

The study also revealed trends in dispute resolution, with arbitration continuing to be the preferred method for M&A disputes in the Baltics, while court settlement agreements are only envisaged in one in three transactions.

As Evaldas Pocevičius, Associate Partner and Associate at TRINITI JUREX, points out, “Baltic M&A transactions are, in most cases, regional, and the arbitration institution of the country of origin is often chosen to resolve disputes more quickly and efficiently.”

The Vilnius Court of Commercial Arbitration remains the most frequently chosen arbitration institution in the Baltics, while the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce is the preferred choice outside the Baltics.

Overall, the Baltic Private M&A Transactions Study provides valuable insights into the Baltic M&A market and the trends that are shaping it.

Baltic Private M&A Deal Points Study