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A lecturer from Lithuania – in the EBRD trainings for fund managers

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Linas Sabaliauskas, a partner of law firm TRINITI LT, delivered a lecture for fund managers for the first time in the trainings organized by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in the Baltic States.

TRINITI LT partner Linas Sabaliauskas presented his insights on fund management documentation requirements to fund managers during the trainings that took place in Riga. He discussed and compared the legal forms of limited partnerships in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and analysed the attractiveness of these three jurisdictions for fund managers. More often than not, Baltic fund managers are quite well informed and are able to choose any of the Baltic countries, which is why the Baltic States have to inevitably compete for attractiveness to fund managers. According to Linas Sabaliauskas, Estonia emerges as a winner in this competitive battle once again, having established in the laws a new form of a limited partnership fund, which is attractive to fund managers.

Linas Sabaliauskas specializes in private and venture capital, capital markets and securities. He graduated from the Said Business School of Oxford University; his thesis entitled “Private Capital in the Baltics” was awarded the Said Prize for the best project in the field of financial strategy in 2014. He gave his lecture for fund managers together with world-class experts who are renowned for their expertise and knowledge. During the trainings, the world-class experts provided market reviews, talked about the structure of funds, capital raising tools, and presented the analysis of the work with investors.

One of the most notorious lecturers who participated in the trainings was a famous private equity expert, professor at Oxford University, Tim Jenkinson. He provided the participants of the trainings with the insights on various issues related to the activities of the funds. Mr. Jenkinson is a finance lecturer at the Said Business School, as well as a director of the Oxford Private Equity Institute, meaning that his knowledge of fund activities is not limited to theory but includes profound practical expertise as well.

Humphrey Battcock was another world-famous speaker with a considerable experience in private equity management. He is a partner in one of the world’s leading venture capital funds, Advent International, managing over EUR 40 billion.

Jonathan Blake, one of the 100 most influential people in the field of venture capital, has also presented his experience to the participants of the trainings. This lawyer is the pioneer in the use of the limited partnership form within the framework of risk and private equity funds in the United Kingdom.

Ausma Bartkutė, director of the Lithuanian Venture Capital Association (LTVCA), expects the trainings, provided by the EBRD to fund managers, to bring tangible results.

“The Baltic fund managers had the opportunity to hear about global trends first hand and to put the new information into practice in the funds they market,” – says Ausma Bartkutė.

The EBRD is focused on the integration of Baltic financial markets under the Baltics Integrated Approach program. Under this program, the EBRD is organizing trainings for Baltic fund managers and investors, known as the Capacity Building Programme.


Feedback from the participants of the trainings:

Rokas Pečiulaitis, one of the founders and partner of Contrarian Ventures:

“Trainings for fund managers is a well-planned and interactive training session with a wealth of insights from leading market practices. Thank you to TRINITI LT, and especially Linas Sabaliauskas, for organizing the trainings.”

Daniels Pavļuts, Managing Director of Zeno Consulting, Former Minister of Economics of Latvia:

“The EBRD trainings for Baltic fund managers was a great opportunity to learn some tricks from the world’s leading entrepreneurs. There was a lot to learn for both beginners and experienced fund managers during the trainings.”

Donatas Keras, Partner of PRACTICA CAPITAL:

I found the trainings excellent and extremely useful. Real-life examples and documents have made the experience unique. In principle, I have received answers to such questions, which I did not even have thought of, I received confirmations or clear references in terms of other day-to-day issues that are very relevant at present. After the trainings, I have a lot of new ideas and materials to analyse, which will greatly contribute to the strengthening of my position as a venture capital investor as well as of our entire organization, Practica Capital.