Tax Law
September 18, 2023

Triniti Jurex represented Baltic Hospitality Group, a company in the hotel and tourism sector, before the Tax Disputes Commission

Triniti Jurex represented Baltic Hospitality Group before the Tax Disputes Commission. Baltic Hospitality Group provides comprehensive services and advice related to the hotel industry and is a long-standing client of Triniti Jurex.

The State Tax Inspectorate carried out a tax audit of Baltic Hospitality Group, which revealed that Baltic Hospitality Group had entered into transactions with related parties and that these transactions were allegedly made at prices other than fair market value. As a result, the company received a tax assessment totaling a six-figure sum.

The company was diligent in gathering evidence, cooperated promptly with the tax authorities and answered all questions raised. However, the tax authority did not change its position, even though it had clear evidence of the fair market value. The company initiated discussions and made efforts to achieve a peaceful resolution, yet the tax authority disregarded the arguments put forth by the taxpayer.

The company had no choice but to file a complaint with the Tax Disputes Commission, and the commission fully upheld the complaint. In this way, Triniti Jurex helped to restore justice and save the taxpayer a six-figure sum.

Although it is increasingly observed that the tax authorities are willing to settle the tax dispute amicablyand peacefully, this situation illustrates that in some cases it is inevitable that a tax dispute will be brought to a higher instance in order to safeguard one’s rights.