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March 7, 2023

TRINITI JUREX consultation on opening and accessing public sector data

TRINITI JUREX offers consultation on the opening and accessibility of public sector data. Its experts not only provide legal advice on protecting personal data but also advise on legal issues related to the availability of data to individuals and the public. This is particularly relevant in today’s information society, where data plays a crucial role. Accessible and open public data are prerequisites for creating and developing information society services and other solutions that can be necessary and beneficial for individuals, society, and the state.

TRINITI JUREX recently advised an Estonian client on the availability of public sector data in Lithuania, including the applicable legal regulation and conditions for the reuse of public sector data for commercial or other purposes. Additionally, the firm conducted an in-depth analysis of legislation and case law regarding the possible disclosure of sensitive information held by an international organization in which the Republic of Lithuania participates. This analysis included an examination of the exemptions and measures by which certain sensitive information could be protected under the Law on Access to Information and Reuse of Data.