Consumer & Retail
June 18, 2024

Successfully defended client’s interests in a dispute over compensation for damages to goods during storage

The TRINITI JUREX team, led by Jurgita Judickienė and Artūras Vaišvila, successfully defended their client in a case regarding compensation for damages to goods during storage. The plaintiff claimed that the goods were contaminated by rodents and demanded compensation for disposal, inspection, and other related costs. The court agreed with the client’s arguments that responsibility for the preservation of the goods ended when the goods were loaded onto the plaintiff’s chosen carrier’s vehicle, and the plaintiff did not raise any claims within the statutory period.

The court also concluded that the contamination of the goods could have occurred at any stage of transportation, including in the plaintiff’s facilities, ships, ports, and trains. The plaintiff had the duty and opportunity to inspect the condition of the goods at the time of receipt but failed to do so. Therefore, the court rejected the plaintiff’s claims and acknowledged that the plaintiff must cover the client’s legal expenses, which amounted to over EUR 80,000. This case highlights the importance of clarity in contractual relationships and the proper definition of the responsibilities of both parties.