Criminal Law

Attorneys at TRINITI help clients in criminal and misdemeanour matters.

Over the years, we have been exposed to basically everything – we have defended clients in all manner of charges and types of criminal offences and at all instances, we have held numerous negotiations with investigators and prosecutors to terminate proceedings and in the agreement process. On the other hand, we have also represented victims in the proceedings to recover damages caused by a criminal offence. Through the proceedings we have got to know the prosecutors and judges and are familiar with their “handwriting”, and we are able to choose the defence and negotiation tactics accordingly.

The state’s activity in criminal proceedings is usually forceful and unexpected, and quick response is required. We are that. The first steps are crucial. The fate of the matter often depends on them.

We try to help the client throughout the proceedings so that the whole process is as little tiring to them as possible and comes at a reasonable cost. Our goal is to achieve the acquittal of the client or the termination of the criminal proceedings.

TRINITI provides advice, defence, and representation in all stages of the criminal proceedings, including:

  • Defence in pre-trial proceedings and judicial proceedings of a criminal matter in the county court, circuit court and the Supreme Court
  • Defence during interrogation and other procedural acts
  • Contesting the taking into custody and other preventive measures and acts in the criminal proceedings (incl. surveillance activities)
  • Contesting the seizure and confiscation of property
  • Claiming compensation for damage caused in offence proceedings
  • Representation in the European Court of Human Rights
  • Defence in the enforcement of a punishment
  • Legal assistance in connection with the service of sentence
  • Defence in the event of early release from prison
  • Preparing a report of criminal offence for the initiation of criminal proceedings
  • Representing the victim in criminal proceedings, incl. in claiming damage caused by a criminal offence
  • Preventive counselling to mitigate risks in criminal law

Our strengths lie in economic offences, competition offences, professional offences, tax offences, bankruptcy offences, money laundering, drug offences, environmental offences, road traffic offences, offences against a person, and offences against property.

The experience of our attorneys in criminal law:

  • Defence in various matters of competition offences, including the defence of several construction undertakings in criminal proceedings concerning anti-competitive agreements entered into in public procurements, defence of a large retail chain in a charge for a cartel offence
  • Counselling and successful defence of various natural persons and undertakings in criminal proceedings concerning the payment of benefits
  • Defence in a criminal matter in a charge for causing the insolvency of a company
  • Acting as a counsel in numerous cases of road traffic and drug offences
  • Defence and counselling in criminal matters concerning money laundering
  • Successful representation of a reporter for Õhtuleht in contesting a fine in connection with a fine imposed by the court in criminal proceedings
  • Successful defence in a misdemeanour matter concerning acting without an authorisation in a field where an authorisation is required
  • Successful representations in misdemeanour matters related to the violation of excise duty regulation in fuel business and violation of a deposit requirement of a tourism undertaking
  • Successful representation of PNC Bank as a victim in a claim for compensation for damages in a criminal matter for credit card fraud
  • Representation of convicted offenders in the European Court of Human Rights in several cases where the appeal was allowed and financial compensation was awarded for human rights violations

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