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Предоставление юридических услуг российским и белорусским компаниям в настоящее время ограничено из-за войны против Украины.


Vilma Brilinkevičienė

Senior Associate

Vilma’s accumulated experience of more than 20 years in labour and regulatory law allows the firm to take responsibility for complex projects and offer tailor-made solutions that comply with specific business needs.

Before joining Triniti Jurex, Vilma led the Legal & Compliance team at a well-known international retail chain and contributed to the successful simultaneous launch of its first fifteen stores in Lithuania.


During her several years as legal representative for the biggest pharmacy chain in Lithuania, Vilma was able to make a substantial contribution by dealing with state and governmental institutions in order to avoid the imposition of restrictions on pharmaceutical activity that may have led to uninterrupted sales and the damaging of the impeccable reputation of the company.

Below are some of Vilma’s work highlights:

  • Successfully defended the client’s rights and interests before the Office of the Equal Opportunities Ombudsman to prove that a candidate for a certain position was selected solely on the basis of his/her qualities, not on his/her gender and gender-specific traits.
  • A webinar on the implementation of Covid-19 preventive measures mandatory for employers organised together with Verslo žinios, one of Lithuania’s largest business daily newspapers, attracted more than 2,000 participants. Continuous cooperation with Verslo žinios in preparing publications and answering readers’ questions on the topic of legal regulation of Covid-19 preventive measures.
  • Preparation of the necessary processes and compliance documents that led to a positive decision by the regulatory authorities to issue a health care facility licence.
  • Publications in Verslo žinios and 15min on the following topics: “The driver: service provider or company employee?”; “What to expect for an employer in a tightening labour market”; “Covid-19 vaccine – an obligation or a right?”; “How teleworking can change an employer’s compensation strategy”.


Vilma holds a master’s degree from Vytautas Magnus University, specialising in commercial law.

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