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Предоставление юридических услуг российским и белорусским компаниям в настоящее время ограничено из-за войны против Украины.

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Visas valstis

Marius Choniakovas

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Marius is an experienced lawyer with a demonstrated history of working in the legal services industry. He has expertise in the areas of real estate, construction, and contract law. His broad knowledge in construction and real estate law enables him to take a holistic approach to his clients’ issues and efficiently resolve them.

Marius successfully represents clients in third-party relations, before public authorities, and in court disputes.


Marius coordinates the complete legal process for Lithuanian and international market companies, including spatial planning and land use issues, contracts, construction process, construction defects, and client representation in various legal disputes.


Although Marius’ major area of expertise is construction and real estate law, he has also represented clients in a variety of other disputes, such as remuneration for various types of damages, debt recovery, etc.


Marius has represented one of Lithuania’s leading construction companies in a variety of real estate and construction law disputes over his career.

Marius’ day-to-day responsibilities include providing legal advice, drafting opinions, pleadings, and other legal procedural documents, as well as offering additional services to real estate and construction customers. Marius advises and represents a number of Lithuanian and international customers, including real estate developers, planners, and contractors.


Marius is also a member of the Lithuanian Bar association which unites all Lithuanian attorneys and associates.


Master of Laws (LLM). Vilnius University.

Professional memberships

Member of the Lithuanian bar association.

The future in my specialty is

In my view, the real estate and construction sector is one of the key drivers of the national economy. This is also reflected in the constant evolution of the regulatory process, as this sector is particularly lively and requires constant attention and regulation that is appropriate to the current situation. I firmly believe that as the world moves in the direction of a green economy and sustainability, legal regulation of this sector will change and additional challenges will arise, which I will embrace and help my clients to resolve.

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