COVID-19: TRINITI attorneys’ recommendations

Baltic countries must aggressively use fiscal tools now

World and European economies, including Baltic region countries, have been hardly hit by COVID-19 pandemic recently. Financial markets were the first to evaluate potential damage of the pandemic – stock prices, commodities, and even fixed income securities have been all falling at record speed.  The impact on the real economy will become evident in the Read more

Crisis competition law is much more liberal than usual

The European Competition Network (ECN) (which includes the Competition Authority) has informed (HERE) that the current crisis has had social and economic consequences and that it is intended to take this into account when applying competition law. The Estonian Competition Authority is also a member of ECN and has published the announcement on its website Read more

General Meeting of Apartment Owners vs Corona Quarantine

At least once a year, even such apartment associations that are blessed with a perfectly functional management board or excellent administrator and where all the inhabitants live in harmony. But how to do it in a situation where, in order to curb the pandemic, the Government has enforced strict restrictions on freedom of movement?  Read more

Five recommendations for the employer on how to organise teleworking

Taking into account a significant impact from the coronavirus (Covid-19) – large-scale transition to working from home – we have put together recommendations for the employer on what to do in the ongoing emergency situation in order to ensure effective, secure and lawful teleworking. Put briefly, the applicable laws and regulations, including applicable data protection Read more

COVID-19 impairs creditor’s rights

Temporary suspension of rights to file for insolvency As of 22 March 2020 the Law on the Prevention and Management of Posed Threats and Effects on the State due to the spread of Covid-19 has entered into effect. It implements certain measures to limit the threats posed by Covid-19 and lays down state aid mechanisms Read more