Is UBER transport or it service?

On 11th May, Advocate General Szpunar of European Union Court of Justice delivered an opinion in preliminary ruling procedure C-343/15. In Spain, the issue in proceedings was a service by the name of UberPop, whereby non-professional private drivers transport passengers using their own vehicles. Read more

Delfi vs Estonia in the Court of Human Rights

International media coverage of the adjudication: Forbes: “every website that accepts comments now has a European problem” Guardian: “the judgment which should send a shiver of fear down any website operator’s spine”. Index on Censorship: “truly troubling judgment for website operators”. Article 19: “the upshot of the Court’s judgment is that news portals should remove Read more

Please remove the article X from the Internet… Not any more!

The European Court of Human Rights has recently published a precedent judgement regarding media rights on the Internet. On 27.08.2013, the ECHR found in Wegrzynowski and Smolczewski vs Poland (case No. 33846/07) that neither a court nor the media has nor could have the task of rewriting history by deleting articles or their published content Read more

Colour War in the World of Trademarks

More and more non-traditional marks are registered as trademarks. Such non-traditional trademarks include sound (1), scent (2) and colour. The criteria for protecting these trademarks differ by countries. In case of colour marks, some countries (3) allow protection of a single colour, whereas in others a combination of at least two colours is required, and Read more