Four tips for a law-abiding undertaking on using cameras

Cameras can be found on almost every street corner, near building entrances as well as indoors, and we are greatly accustomed to their presence. However, using cameras is regulated to a much wider extent and in greater detail than one would think at first glance. As for legal regulation, we must address the General Data Read more

You got too much money for protecting your reputation?

The European Court of Human Rights passed a judgement in a case last year where the main issue was whether or not the court had ordered excessively large compensation for non-pecuniary damage for defamation. More precisely, was the 1,25 million euros ordered by the Court of Justice of Ireland too big a sum for publishing Read more

Russia v. European Court of Human Rights: fight for sovereignty

In December 2015, Russia adopted a law that gave the Constitutional Court of Russia a right to decide if a decision of the European Court of Human Rights is in conformity with the Russian Constitution and, thus, a right to forbid the enforcement of European Court of Human Rights decisions in Russia. Most probably the Read more