Enforcement of judgements abroad now easier

The enforcement of judgements given in civil and commercial matters in other EU Member States became simpler from 10 January 2015.[1] Before, in order to enforce a judgement in another EU Member State, one had to have recourse to the corresponding court first and then apply for the declaration of enforceability of the judgement there. Read more

Importing goods when moving to Estonia or arriving from travel

People travel and change their residence more and more these days. It is easy to move around within the European Union territory and take along goods from one Member State to another – goods can be brought to Estonia tax-free, except alcohol, tobacco products and fuels as those have quantity limits in place. But it Read more

Enforcement of foreign arbitration judgement

Often, undertakings in different countries agree that their disputes will be solved in an arbitration court; this ensures the fastest way to solve any differences, among other benefits. The arbitration court that solves the dispute may be located at the same time in a third country. How is it then ensured that an arbitration court’s Read more

Settlement of cross-border disputes

Settlement of cross-border cases and problems related to enforcement of judicial decision in another Member State has become increasingly more significant. Various legislative instruments have been adopted in the European Union in order to simplify and speed up solving cross-border litigations, reduce costs and allow immediate enforcement of judicial decision. Read more

Possibilities of amending or challenging of procurement contracts

Long-term, innovative or complex procurement contracts inevitably entail the risk that the procurement contract may need to be amended after it has been signed. The question of what amendments are permitted or not permitted for procurement contracts has been clarified by the judicial practice of the European Court of Justice. The current approach of the Read more