Can you copyright Christmas?

When “Jingle Bells” is first heard in the mall, we know – it’s only about two months till Christmas. And those two months are full of Christmas music: it is played on TV commercials, an e-card that you just received and even the colleague’s phone has a “Last Christmas” tone. There is so much Christmas Read more

Why isn’t every trademark legally protected?

The Supreme Court of Lithuania recently examined the case of Ebro Foods S.A. against Eko Herba, UAB, and confirmed the old truth: a good trademark from a marketing point of view will not necessarily be a good trademark from a legal point of view. The dispute arose as to whether a tea trademark consisting of Read more

How to protect a trademark in different countries?

A trademark is protected only where it is registered, therefore if you plan to distribute your goods or services not only in Lithuania, it is recommended to also register your trademark in the countries where you plan to market them. The question then arises as to which method of trademark registration to choose: to register Read more

How to protect a trademark in China?

Imagine a situation: you are registering a trademark, being used by you for a long time in many countries of the world, in China and … your application is rejected because your trademark has already been registered before in China, not on your behalf. Read more

Registration and Maintenance of a Community Trademark to Become Cheaper and Easier

The European Parliament, the Council and the Commission have agreed on the Community trademark reform which will come into effect the next year. Even though the system might seem identical at first glance, it should bring considerable benefits for trademark proprietors. More than 117 000 trademark applications have been received by the office registering the Community Read more