Baltic countries must aggressively use fiscal tools now

World and European economies, including Baltic region countries, have been hardly hit by COVID-19 pandemic recently. Financial markets were the first to evaluate potential damage of the pandemic – stock prices, commodities, and even fixed income securities have been all falling at record speed.  The impact on the real economy will become evident in the Read more

Being a board member: privilege or risk?

There are two possible reasons why you are reading this article: first, you are generally interested in management of companies or second, you have been asked to join a company board. Many of you are most probably at the peak of your careers. You might have even been asked to join not one but multiple Read more

Why to Keep Telling the World About Our Venture Capital Market

During my studies in the Financial Strategy programme at the Saïd Business School of University of Oxford the universally-known authorities in the fields of finance, private equity and venture capital knew very little about the Baltic States – everyone have heard the Skype’s success story, but only a few have been aware that this story Read more